Have a Say on the Application To Build 160 houses west of Gold Lane in Biddenham. 

Submit your thoughts on the application to build 160 houses West of Gold Lane in Biddenham - planning application: 18/03100/MAO

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    • You are encouraged to submit an objection from each and every adult in your household – they all count!
    • You don’t have to live in Biddenham or Bedford Borough to object – please forward this on to anyone who cares!
    • You can only submit one personal objection: if you have already submitted an objection, please do not submit another.

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I oppose the application to build 160 houses west of Gold Lane in Biddenham.

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The land the developer proposes to build on is protected as open space by Borough Council policies (AD42 and AD43) and the importance of visual separation between communities has been recognised by the Planning Inspector. This application will cause harm our open space and will reduce separation.

The developer has failed to consult the public on this application and, other than an insufficient reduction in scale, has failed to deal with the concerns of over 600 material objections to their last application on the same site less than a year ago.

Access to this site via Gold Lane is wholly inappropriate. There is no safe access to the land proposed for development and traffic from 160 houses will exacerbate existing traffic problems at the Deep Spinney roundabout and on Gold Lane where the narrow road is already a safety hazard.

The Bedford Western Bypass is already struggling to cope with existing traffic density which will be made even worse once this significant approved development has been built.

With the significant growth in housing stock to the west of Bedford over recent years the local infrastructure is already incapable of supporting existing demand. Existing schools, surgeries, roads, junctions and public amenities will not cope with the increase in population and traffic density brought about by this application.

The scale and density of the scheme is materially inconsistent with existing developments in the area making this development completely out of character with the village resulting in a weakening of the village's notable attractiveness.

Biddenham has special characteristics which set it apart from the expanding adjoining urban development and these must be maintained, as indeed is acknowledged by the Borough Council.

The environment and biodiversity would be adversely affected and the delicate balance of nature harmed, including the destruction of 55 metres of ancient hedgerow in Gold Lane and potentially harming the famous Biddenham Pond.

This application is contrary to the extant Local Plan given that the new Local Plan 2030 has not yet been adopted rendering this application premature.

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