Have a say on the Bedford Borough Local Plan 2035: Plan for Submission

Submit your comments on policy 23, which proposes that new houses should be built on land at the rear of Bromham Road, Biddenham (to the right going towards Bromham and the old bridge over the river by Bromham Mill) and which, if this policy is not removed from the Local Plan, would help developers wanting to build there.

Click here to visit the Bedford Borough Council website to view the Local Plan 2035: Plan for Submission and supporting documentation.

Please note…

    • You are encouraged to submit an objection to policy 23 from each and every adult in your household – they all count!
    • You don’t have to live in Biddenham or Bedford Borough to object – please forward this on to anyone who cares!
    • You can only submit one objection to this policy in the Local Plan: if you have already submitted an objection to it, please do not submit another.

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I do not believe that policy 23 is sound for the following reasons and I ask that it is removed from the Local Plan 2035:

Please tick the boxes that explain why you object to policy 23 and wish it to be removed from the Local Plan:

It destroys the protection of open space that current policies provide to Biddenham and the surrounding communities
The importance of this visual separation has long been recognised by planning inspectors
There is no safe nor reasonable access to the site
Development there would increase traffic on the historic and listed Bromham Bridge and also at the overloaded and hazardous junction of Bromham Road onto the A4280 Bromham Bypass
The site is on the flood plain
Development there would reduce the rural setting of, and views from, Bromham Mill
There is already extensive new building around Biddenham which is changing the nature of the environment
The Borough has plenty of more sustainable and brown field sites that should be prioritised

Please provide below any further comments as to why you object to policy 23:

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